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You gonna be AMAZE about how does new mom prepare for her baby’s first steps walking ?

take a look at these tricks you probably didn’t know , Number 5 will AMAZE you, and be sure to impress people around you with your new-found knowledge!

The baby goes through many successive and rapid growth stages in its first year, so my lady, enjoy these amazing moments of your baby’s life and do not forget that he depends on you hugely and needs your love and affection until he grows up in good health and it is time for his first steps, which will be one of the most wonderful moments that you will live so you have to prepare for it Well.

1: Several important signs before baby starts walking

You will see several important signs before your baby starts to the actual walk, so keep an eye on him. It starts when a baby learns to lie on his stomach, as his muscles are well developed and able to bear weight. Then comes the rolling stage, and then crawls on four limbs and he is curious and approaches things, furniture and people, so you must be careful at this stage, he will be able to sit alone and here the baby is about to take his first steps, where he will lean on the wall, tables, etc. to stand on his feet, so the leg muscles become more powerful. and with time the baby will stand alone without support.