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11 creative ideas for birth announcement pictures of your precious babe

11 creative ideas for birth announcement pictures of your precious baby

We have always been stunned by the concepts of pictures and ideas of newborns’ birth announcements on social media or even those pictures of our friends’ babies. Is it a new trend? Should I try it? Anyway, only remember that your child in the future will see the pictures of his birth announcement and will be very happy with them. This is more than enough for you to do it, madam! 

Here, are 11 of the most creative birth announcement pictures ideas that we liked and we wanted to share these ideas with you so that you can choose what suits you, madam, your precious baby pictures don’t need much effort or planning, just do it maybe with the help of family and friends or just bring out the super mom powers inside you and you will get the best results. 

1. Using photo-editing applications 

You can use photo editing applications; there are many of them on the App Store and Google Play. Download the application that suits you, most of which are free or paid for a symbolic price. Take a simple and beautiful picture of your baby and then upload it to the application and here the magic begins. you can modify or change the colors and change the background to make it galaxy, grass, or sky with the addition of wings for your baby angel is a great idea and you can add a text as the baby’s name and date of birth. This is easy, just take advantage of your baby’s bedtime. 

2. Use what is available at home 

Use the white bedsheets and dress your newborn in the cool clothes you prepared for him/her and take a picture with your favorite stuffed bear or your favorite flowers (be careful).

3. Before and after pictures

For this kind of picture of your baby’s birth announcement, you must pre-prepare from the moment you knew about your pregnancy, those pictures type when your partner’s dressed as a wizard casting a spell on you and then in the other picture your baby appears, or the picture of the mother with her stomach growing like a bomb until the explosion occurs and the baby appears in the picture, all these are good ideas and you can try them, but I advise you to keep things simple, Just take a picture with the pregnancy test and a picture of you in your last weeks and last but not least a picture of you with your newborn baby.

4. White suits your child

Newborns are wonderful, cute, and attractive, and the white color is a symbol of purity. When you combine these two things, you will get the best pictures to announce the birth of your child. Use white clothes on a white background. the mother must be presented in this type of photo wearing a white outfit.

5. Keep things spontaneous

sometimes we get the best pictures when we shoot them randomly without planning or focus, if you are photography passionate and love selfies; just do your thing, you will be surprised by the results, just take more pictures and you will find many of them suitable.

6. Pregnancy Belly Casting

There are many small business owners and workshops that offer the service of printing your baby’s footsteps and hands-on clay, or you can also take advantage of pregnancy belly sculpting services. All these are good ideas and great memories to keep. You can search for this on social media or Google and choose the best services for you.

7. Name card

You can write the baby’s name on a cute card and hang it on his clothes, or you can write a cute sentence on a piece of paper and place it next to your baby in the form of a birth announcement, for example, Hello World.

8: Professional help

If you have enough time to plan your baby’s birth announcement photos, and if you have a good budget, we advise you to consult professionals in the field of photography and plan it on the right basis.

9. Writing with chalk or with pets

writing the name of the baby in chalk on the ground and photographing him/her near the floor if you do not mind, or photographing your baby with your pets will give you very cute pictures.

10. The first moments

You can announce your baby’s birth to the world by taking a picture with your baby in the first hours of his life. These are the most intimate and heart-fluttering moments anyone could want to have.

11. Angelic pictures

Photographing your baby without clothes, taking into account not to show his private places and in a position like the one in the womb. It is considered one of the most beautiful pictures of newborns and beloved of the heart.

In conclusion, madam, we hope that you have benefited from these ideas, and if you are pregnant, we wish you an easy birth and a healthy baby. If you have already given birth, we wish you a long and happy life.