Choose high paying keywords in your niche and double your AdSense earnings

I shared this list of latest highest paying keywords for 2009 earlier and many bloggers and webmasters said that all the keywords mentioned in this list do not belong to their niche (target market) so it is useless to use this list. I completely agree with all of you, that these highest paying keywords are related to a financial/legal/medical niche and you cannot use this list on your blog or website provided you share the same niche.

In this article, I will tell you how you can choose the highest paying keywords related to your blog or website. Let me first explain the importance of selecting the highest paying keywords and the difference it can make to your Google AdSense earnings.

For example, if you are going to write an article on “affiliate marketing” and you really don’t know the highest paying keywords and you write a whole article without incorporating any high value keywords. In this case, the Google AdSense web crawler will crawl your page and show ads alongside your content, but at a relatively lower cost per click (CPC), say $3.78.

On the other hand, if you do a prior research on the highest paying keywords and include the highest paying keywords in your article, for example “Online Affiliate Marketing Program” is a high paying keyword , then Google AdSense will display ads alongside your content, but that time with a relatively higher cost per click i.e. $6.78. You can immediately notice the difference in cost per click (CPC) of $3, which means your income will be doubled compared to before. In some cases, this difference can be huge, so the bottom line is that if you do a little research beforehand, it will definitely increase your online earnings. It’s never too late to research high paying keywords and it really pays to increase Google AdSense revenue exponentially.

Now the question arises: how to select the highest paying keywords specifically for your website niche?

Well! you don’t have to go out of Google to find the solution. Google itself provides you with a very powerful tool to select the highest paying keywords for your niche and you need to follow a very simple trick to learn how to earn more with this keyword tool.

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool gives you the solution to select the highest paying keywords for your blog or niche website.

It offers two options to choose from:-

Option 1. Descriptive words or phrases (e.g. green tea)

In this option, you can just write a few keywords that you want to do the keyword research on.

Option 2. Website Content (e.g. [http://www.example.com/product?id=74893])

In this option, you can provide the link of your website where you want to perform the keyword research. (See photo1 at the bottom of this post)

Once you have entered the keywords or URL, you can simply click on the “Get Keyword Ideas” button to continue.

As soon as you press this button, it displays a full list of keywords along with other information such as “Advertiser Competition”, “Local Search Volume” and “Global Monthly Search Volume” which you can use to your research.

On the right side, just below the two options, there is another option that says “Choose columns to display”. Select “Show Estimated CPC” as soon as you select this option. Keywords will now be displayed with the average CPC. (See photo2 at the bottom of this post)

Now click on the “Estimated average CPC” text to sort it in ascending or descending order.

There! You can see the highest paying keywords in your niche. Now you can incorporate these keywords to attract the highest paying ads to your blog or website. For example, if you want to make a lot of money, let your blog be a full blog a time when you step out of line and can choose a topic from one of the lists below.

researching the subject and writing about it can be on a consolidated student loan. The web crawler crawls and brings you nearly 40 busses while you are on.

Share your experience of using this trick! Good luck!

I have compiled this list of the highest paying keywords for AdSense from various sources.

S/No. CPC Keywords ($)

1. Purchase of structured settlements 53.48

2. San Diego Mesothelioma Lawyers 51.47

3. 51.35 Secured Loan Calculator

4. Investments in structured settlements 50.45

5. Sale of endowment 50.35

6. Patients with mesothelioma 50.23

7. Mesothelioma lawyer san diego 50.07

8. Austin Texas dwi attorneys 50.03

9. New York Mesothelioma Lawyers 50.01

10. Phoenix dui lawyers 50.01

11. Secured Loans 50.01

12. Car Insurance 50.00

13. Phoenix dui avocado 50.00

14. online quote free car insurance 50.00

15. student debt consolidation loans 49.96

16. Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Lawyers 49.87

17. Denver Data Recovery 49.71

18. adverse credit mortgages 49.56

19. mortgages for bad credit 49.47

20. data recovery service los angeles 49.37

21. Student Loan Consolidation 49.30

22. Student loan consolidation rate 49.17

23. Boston dui lawyers 49.02

24. memphis auto insurance 48.86

25. teleconferencing companies 48.64

26. dui attributes los angeles 48.60

27. car accident lawyers in georgia 48.36

28. defense of san diego dui 48.32

29. Phoenix arizona dui lawyers 48.28

30. Los angeles dwi lawyers 48.20

31. Consolidation Student Loans 48.15

32. free auto insurance quote 48.11

33. irs tax lawyers 48.08

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